About Lace And Lollipops

the mommy in heels

I am a Fashion Executive turned mommy to three glittery, sparkly princesses, and one handsome prince. I am juggling lots of things, including life with my amazing family, my fantastic career in the beauty industry, and kid-related everything – While at the same time, trying to stay true to myself. And of course, trying to stay sane. I am now a mommy, but I am still the same fun-loving, fashion and beauty-obsessed girl who loves to entertain, decorate and enjoy life.

I am so excited to start documenting my thoughts and the day-to-day of my crazy , fun, silly, romantic life. A little about me: I’m a mommy to three amazing little princesses and one wonderful prince. I have a wonderful husband and two fluffy white dogs that look like vanilla cotton candy running all over my house. It was a huge transition going from my busy career life as a fashion executive to becoming a new mommy with spit-up stains all over my Juicy Couture tracksuit. Let’s just say it was an adjustment. And yes, I’m still adjusting!

I live in Los Angeles, but people seem to be able to tell that I’m not from here (I’m from San Francisco). I am real, down-to-earth, and am just as happy in my Louis Vuitton shirt zippered sheath as in my H&M  maxi-dresses. I am now juggling life as both a mom and a career-woman. I haven’t quite mastered the balance yet, but I will share my journey as I try to do so. I am back in the life of fashion and beauty where I feel a little bit like my old self. I will reiterate – A little bit. Now, there’s a whole new dynamic to my life. A multi-faceted dynamic that forces me to juggle product launches and marketing plans with diapers and pre-school.

Yes, bedtimes, routines and rules are important. But so is having fun. I am flexible, within reason, of course. I will admit that I have given my kids ice cream for breakfast once or twice. They had fun, no one was hurt, and they’ll hopefully look back on it and smile. I try to instill responsibility and good manners in my girls, but I’m also proud to say that my two older ones (ages 4 and 2 1/2) are already experts in walking in my high heels. Now if only they would stick to their dress-up shoes, and stay away from my Louboutins.

It is important as a mommy to still try to stay true to who I am. Just because I am now making school lunches and filling my DVR with Sophia the First doesn’t mean that I have to give up  all of the glamorous and chic aspects of life. I don’t have to run out and chop off my hair into the classic mom-bob, or get a minivan. Working hard at the office, throwing nice dinner parties, going out with friends, and then watching The Little Mermaid for the 100th time with my little ones teaches them that life is about balance. I want them to stay true to themselves, too, when they have princes or princesses of their own. I want to show them that I’m not just a mommy, I’m a mommy in heels.




2 thoughts on “About Lace And Lollipops

  1. Hey!
    I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Yes, I love your blog.
    Come on at stainedvanity.wordpress.com to see the rules and further details.
    Cheers to what an amazing woman you are :”)
    Love xo


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