Which Disney Princess’ Hair Do You Have?

Do you have amazingly flowing locks like Ariel, Rapunzel or Belle? I certainly don't. These Disney princesses with their magical locks. Bleh. I mean, I wish. But still... Bleh. But I'll still let my three and four-year-olds think that someday they will have lovely hair like one of their idols. I'll let the dream live [...]

So Delectable! Hand Cream Never Smelled So Good…

There are a few categories that I seem to collect. Or buy just way too much of!  Lip Gloss - Check. Candles - Check. Amazing smelling lotions - Double Check! I recently tried the Delectable ultra nourishing hand cream by Cake Beauty in coconut and cream. It was divine! Not only did it smell beyond delicious, [...]

Fashion Flash – Target’s Upcoming Collaboration With Lily Pulitzer

I love Target way too much. No, really. I think I have a problem. But what I love most about my bullseye logo-ed guilty pleasure is its designer collaborations. Next on the capsule collection list: Lily Pulitzer. Known for preppy upbeat prints, the South Florida lifestyle brand is coming to a Target near you. These never [...]