Tea For Gorgeous Skin

When I saw this in the aisles a few weeks ago, I literally stopped in my tracks. Yes, the bright pink packaging caught my attention. But then I looked more closely, and realized that this Get Gorgeous tea is a must-try. I do love tea, and anything beauty-related is my world, so this is the perfect [...]

So Delectable! Hand Cream Never Smelled So Good…

There are a few categories that I seem to collect. Or buy just way too much of!  Lip Gloss - Check. Candles - Check. Amazing smelling lotions - Double Check! I recently tried the Delectable ultra nourishing hand cream by Cake Beauty in coconut and cream. It was divine! Not only did it smell beyond delicious, [...]

Pretty Palette: Urban Decay Naked

I have been lusting after Urban Decay's amazing Naked eyeshadow palettes for quite some time. These palettes contain versatile, beautiful colors that can be easily layered to create many day or evening looks. With a mix of matte and shimmer shadows, there is something for everyone. They also come with a convenient 2-sided brush, perfect for dusting, highlighting, crease [...]

Make A Whish

I picked up this bottle of Whish body butter on a whim. I feel like I always need more body butters and lotions, as I tend go through them pretty quickly. To be honest, I was drawn to the simple label design, the pink (obviously), and I loved the whimsical font. Looking pretty on my [...]