My Child Isn’t Allowed To Wear These. Caution: This May Offend Some Parents

When I picked Ashley up from school the other day, I immediately stopped in my tracks, and did a double take. This couldn't be! Was she wearing one of the forbidden items?! She was! I had a mini panic attack. She was wearing… Crocs! Yes, Crocs. Crocs are on my list of things that my [...]

Sister Hugs

Every morning as I take the two older girls to pre-school, they always give each other the best sister hugs as we drop one off, and before heading to the other's classroom. Yes, they fight, but they are BFFs without a doubt. They even dress alike on most days - They both dress themselves… Whether I [...]

Preschool Bliss

This is the first year that I have two kids in the same school, and with the same schedule. Hallelujah! It is fantastic. I drop them off at the same time (and at the same place!), and pick them both up together. I know I had better enjoy this year. Next year, Hailey starts Kindergarten. I [...]