Glossybox Unboxing

Glossybox Unboxing

As Glossybox is currently my favorite beauty box, I usually get excited each month for its arrival. This June box definitely lived up to expectations. It is filled with amazing beauty goodies! Most of this month's box included brands I am familiar with, but they are all brands I tend to love. Here's what was [...]

My Three Favorite Hand Creams. P.S. – They All Smell Amazing

I have been using more hand cream than usual this season, and have tried many different brands in an attempt to find the perfect combination of texture and yummy-smelling fragrance. I have a tube of hand cream on my desk, one in my nightstand, and even a mini in my purse. I prefer non-greasy formulas that [...]

Tea For Gorgeous Skin

When I saw this in the aisles a few weeks ago, I literally stopped in my tracks. Yes, the bright pink packaging caught my attention. But then I looked more closely, and realized that this Get Gorgeous tea is a must-try. I do love tea, and anything beauty-related is my world, so this is the perfect [...]

So Delectable! Hand Cream Never Smelled So Good…

There are a few categories that I seem to collect. Or buy just way too much of!  Lip Gloss - Check. Candles - Check. Amazing smelling lotions - Double Check! I recently tried the Delectable ultra nourishing hand cream by Cake Beauty in coconut and cream. It was divine! Not only did it smell beyond delicious, [...]

Make A Whish

I picked up this bottle of Whish body butter on a whim. I feel like I always need more body butters and lotions, as I tend go through them pretty quickly. To be honest, I was drawn to the simple label design, the pink (obviously), and I loved the whimsical font. Looking pretty on my [...]