Organize In Style – Rolling Art Cart: DIY

I love to organize. It may sound boring, but I get a flush of exhilaration out of it. When I can think of new ways to organize, or of supplies that can be better stored… I get on it right away.

I came across this cute three-tier rolling cart. Three tiers? And it rolls? Fantastic. I figured I could use it for numerous things. Kitchen supplies, a bar cart (oh yeah, I already have one of those), office supplies, etc. I actually ended up thinking I would use it in my office to store supplies, and to give me easy access to notepads, jars of pens, etc.

storage art cart diy

{Three-tier rolling cart: endless possibilities}

I liked the color of the cart, but it was just a bit darker than Robin’s Egg Blue – which is a color I love. Rather than make things easy on myself and just use it as is. I decided I had to change the color. And what better color than pink?! I picked up some glossy pink spray paint, some paper to cover the surrounding area, and painter’s tape (which I already had).

spray paint supplies diy

{Supplies: spray paint, painter’s tape, and a roll of brown paper}

I brought everything outside, and covered the area with brown paper so that extra spray would not get on everything. Next, I taped the cart wheels to keep them free of paint.

rolling art cart bar cart diy

{Wheels are all taped up}

Then I started spraying. I kept the nozzle far enough away to avoid wave marks, and lightly coated the entire cart. I let the paint dry, and then sprayed a second coat to give it full-coverage of candy pink. The paint dried perfectly glossy and pretty. I removed the tape from the wheels, and brought it inside. It was really very easy, yet it completely changed the look of the cart.

pink storage cart diy

{The finished product!}

I ended up not needing it in my office, but I had an ever better idea! I decided to use it as an art cart for the girls. Genius! They love using their art supplies, but the supplies were in a closet, and not easily accessible for them. Although after my one-year-old decided to color her arm blue, keeping the supplies out of reach might not have be so bad! The older girls absolutely love their new art cart – and of course they love the pink color.

Now, what else can I organize?

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