Why, Hello Teething… We Meet Again


Okay, so this quote definitely did not come from me. Teething is no fun for anyone. Baby is miserable and in pain. So, in turn, Mommy is also miserable and in pain – Although this pain is definitely mental. Like, need a glass of wine mental.

Just when the crazy 100-times a night wakings end, teething begins. Gee, thanks. It comes and goes as the little guys pop through. Miss Mandy started getting her teeth in early. My oldest only had two teeth by her first birthday. Mandy is 10-months, and already has eight teeth, and number nine is on its way.

Mandy is usually an amazing sleeper. But not when she’s teething. She wakes up in the middle of the night. Considering I get up pretty early, a middle of the night baby wake-up call is quite jarring. I know she just wants to be comforted. The minute I pick her up, she collects herself and is able to calm down. Honestly, the middle of the night cuddle session really is kind of nice – As long as it doesn’t happen too often.

I avoid many of the typical teething medications, as I like to stick to the more natural products. My favorite are the Camilia Teething Relief Drops. They come in pre-measured doses. You just twist off the top, and squeeze directly into baby’s mouth. It is all-natural, so you can give one or two at a time without worrying about giving too much. This does seem to have a real calming effect.

camilia teething reliefAs far as tethers, I like Vulli’s Sophie La Giraffe and the LifeFactory teething rings (I got mine at Whole Foods). A cold spoon also seems to do the trick.

                                          vulli sophie teetherLifeFactory Teething Rings

So, while it is so cute to see the little baby teeth, I always hope to get through teething as smoothly as possible – for everyone’s sake!

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