What About Mommy?

Okay, I understand that the girls love their Daddy, and that is how it should be. I should let him have the stage when they want to give him all of the attention, affection, or are having a Daddy moment. And I really do love how they rush to the door screaming, “Daddy,” when he comes home from work. But… Ashley (and yes, I’m calling you out), um, care to explain yourself?

Let me elaborate… We went to Ashley’s classroom during Thanksgiving. She was so proud of the pink feather she had made as part of the giant turkey that was displayed on the wall.

thanksgiving 3

{Proudly showing off her pink feather}

Next to the Turkey, were statements from each of the kids about what they were thankful for. So cute. I couldn’t wait to read what she had said. Then I saw it. I Am Thankful For… “My Daddy and my toys in my room.” What?!?! Not that she shouldn’t be thankful for her Daddy, but what about me? Okay, maybe that’s really self-centered and immature. I should let him have his moment in the spotlight. After all, she is definitely a daddy’s girl. She adores her daddy! But still. Almost all of the other kids mentioned their mommies. Okay, I need to be a big girl and get over it. Score one for daddy. Whatever, he probably bribed her. Just kidding… But I still have my suspicions.

Anyway, clearly I also fell behind her toys. Win for you, too, plush Disney princesses.

thanksgiving 2

thanksgiving 1

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