Pin-Up Style: Why Bulletin Boards Rule

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have endless paper piles both in the office and at home. They are organized piles, but nonetheless, they still stare at me mockingly every time I glance their way. I go through the bills and correspondence, and then file away what is necessary. The pile of never ending catalogues and magazines is just that… never-ending, and I will probably never work my way through. But then there are the party invitations, notes from friends, random family pictures that make me smile, and magazine tear sheets that I find inspiring… Or just plain pretty. Those items need to be out in the open for daily inspiration and reminders.

Well, I found a solution! One of my very favorite finds is this oversized (and I mean really, really big) bulletin board. It’s functional – I can display and rearrange important reminders, invites, fun pictures, and the like – But its white-washed shabby chic finish had me drooling at first site. It quickly became one of the most useful things, as well as a centerpiece of design and conversation. And I was also very excited to find some shabby chic white flower push pins to hold up some of my paper treasures on this fabulous pin board.

oversized bulletin board{My oversized pin board}

While the oversized bulletin board is my organizational true love, I also added a smaller, baroque style board at work (aka Beauty Central). This little beauty was originally a smooth-finished black frame that I DIY-ed into a pin board. It was really quite easy. I texturized the frame to give it a vintage flair. After the texture dried, I painted it white. I then added cork (you can get cork rolls at almost any art supply store), and then backed it with cardboard. I found clear and black jeweled push pins, which add a little extra glamour.

office bulletin board baroque style

{My DIY baroque-style bulletin board}

While bulletin boards are my number one – I would have entire walls made into bulletin boards if I could! –  I also love wipe boards and magnet boards. And if they are a combo, we head into organizational orgasm territory! I have giant wipe boards throughout the Sweet Spun Beauty office. These help keep track of To Dos, projects, and are great for marketing and branding brainstorming sessions. I also have a large calendar wipe board at home. Each family member has a color, and it’s helpful to see the month (and week) at a glance. It helps keep us organized. Well, who am I kidding?… It’s helpful for me, but it’s mostly so my husband can easily see what we have going on without asking me 100 times what we have to do the following weekend.

dry erase calendar removable{Removable dry erase calendar}

It doesn’t stop there. I also have magnet boards. Lots of them. In the pantry, I use one to hold grocery lists, coupons, emergency information (do takeout menus count as emergency information?!), and another for kids’ artwork. In my closet, I have a magnet board of special photographs. Even baby Mandy has a damask-covered magnet board with a beautiful baroque frame in her room. Here, we hang special mementos for her, as well as pictures that her older sisters made for her… Including a picture that they gave her when they met her for the very first time. Eventually, she will be able to hang her own artwork here.

kitchen magnet board{Magnet board in the pantry to hold lists, coupons, menus, etc.}

little girl bulletin magnet board

{Fabric covered magnet board}

closet magnet board

{One of my magnet boards in my closet displays pictures that make me smile}

kids art magnet board

{The kids put their artwork and pictures from school on this magnet board}

Clearly, bulletin boards, wipe boards and magnet boards help keep me organized both at home and at work. But they also bring a lot of visual fun and sentiment. Whichever style you prefer: bulletin board, wipe board or magnet board (or if you’re like me, you’ll want all three!), these boards can help you stay happily organized and inspired in style.

3 thoughts on “Pin-Up Style: Why Bulletin Boards Rule

  1. Hi where did you buy that white big frame pin board- the 1st pic..I wish to buy for myself.. and can it be wall mounted or needs to be put on floor leaning against wall


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