The Best Bowls For Baby

Vital Baby BowlsThe idea that one baby bowl may be better than other may seem silly, but believe me… In parenting, every little tip counts! I have tried several different baby bowls, but the bowls by Vital Baby are my favorite. These candy colored bowls have an ingenious handle. This makes it so much easier to hold the bowl in one hand, while feeding baby with the other.

The walls of the bowl are also very upright, which, combined with the unique curved angles, makes it effortless to get every last drop out. This was especially convenient as I was feeding Mandy some lentils for lunch today. Those little guys can easily escape the spoon! Plus, once baby is feeding herself, the bottom of the bowl has grippers so that it won’t slip and slide all over the place. Vital Baby products are BPA free. These bowls come in a few fun colors… Bonus that they come in pink!

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