Home Decor Haul

After a tough week, this mama needed a little retail therapy. My three-year-old’s doctor appointment happened to be next to a Homegoods. I seriously love this place, but have not been in a really long time. We popped in initially to browse the toy section, but I happened to spot a few goodies for our home. Most of you know that I am pretty obsessed with home decor and interior design, so I can pretty much spend all day at a store like this. I approach my home decor like I approach my fashion… with a high, low approach. I love mixing high end with low end. This is what I picked up…

Shabby Picture Frames

{I tend to love shabby chic and modern glam type decor}

Lots of picture frames! I cannot seem to ever have enough picture frames. At any given moment, I have a stack of pictures just waiting for frames to call their home. I usually only find one or two that I like at a time, so this was a huge score. I am always on the lookout for 4×4 frames now that I simply print Instagram pictures. Lazy? Perhaps, but it works great! Now, if only I had enough shelf space to actually display all of my frames. I have decided that I need to find a sleek, yet small sized etagere just for this purpose.

Pink Baskets

Pink Organize

Pink Wire Basket Set. I can never have enough storage! This versatile basket set is already in my office waiting to hold greeting cards, product samples, or… ugh, bills. Regardless, they will help me keep my things organized and looking pretty.

Chanel Book

Chanel Picture.jpg

Chanel Coffee Table Book. I love coffee table books, and was very excited to find this little beauty hiding behind some quartz bookends and a large metallic pineapple. I have coffee table books all over the house. They are a lot of fun for me, but also for guests to flip through (not to mention for my kids to stain with their markers and dirty hands, but… I’m not going to go there at the moment).

Candy Memory Game.jpg


Vintage style Candy Memory game. This is not home decor, but I couldn’t resist. The kids love playing games, and one based on candy?… super fun! We have already played, and the pieces are colorful, glossy and are very thick. It is difficult to find good quality game pieces these days. I also love retro inspired toys.

I would love to hear about some of the fun things you have found on your home decor hunts. Please share!




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